Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Nigerian Niger Delta

I personally think the issue of MEND has gone beyond the liberation of the Niger Delta, that might have been the initial idea, but even these militants have now been infiltrated by greedy people, if not so, why havent they used all the millions payed to them for ransom of hostages to start developmental projects in their regions, they get this money and buy jeeps cruising round portharcourt, oil companies pay these boys on a regular basis to stop them from causing damage, what have they done to help their people with all these millions
Why kidnap a foreigner and ask for 10million naria, why not kidnap a foreigner and let the government know the foreigner wont be released until 100km of roads are constructed, or until the government gets new primary school teachers to the region, or until the government equips a failing hospital. There are many ways these boys can show that they are fighting for their people, but instead they are just enriching themselves.
We also still have many politicians who are gaining everyday from the unrest in the Niger Delta... so the probelm in that region is still far from over. I think the government needs to realise that there are people in the Niger Delta who dont have food to eat, dont have drinkable water, cant send their kids to school etc, the government should focus on these people, provide schools, build roads, encourage investments in the region to create jobs, and when we have good roads, electricity, schools, hospitals and other basic necessities of live in the region, we will hear what the mend will have to say they are fighting for.
Meanwhile, the focus of the world is gradually shifting from oil, even though it will take years, the world is beginning to look at other options, Nigeria should start to focus more on developing a stable and sustainable economy which is independent of oil just like the Government of UAE is doing, Nigeria should start investing basically in agrculture, if our agricultural facilities are well managed, Nigeria can feed its people and feed other african countries. There is a global food shortage, this is the time for Nigeria to make billions from exportation of food, we have the land, we have the right weather, we have the man-power, we have the brains... what do we lack.. a GOVERNMENT WITH VISION.


Debbie said...

This is the story of Nigeria, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and the general public want to get in on the act. Hence, the area boy parading themselves as messagers on behalf of their people, but actually their primary purpose is to make as much money as they can from their hostage negotiation.

The government knows the issues you mention but they don't care, it is as simple as that. They enrich themselves and those that work with them. No wonder being a potician is the highest expectation of most Nigerians.

Apart from lacking a government with a vision we also lack people who are willing to kick out the government by laying down their life for a good course.

Good write up

RocNaija said...

Very introspective article..

Good work..