Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Woman I know

The Woman I know

“Ti mo ba gba oju e, a ri bi eni wipe trailer koja ni ara e ni” (If I slap you, you’ll think you got hit by a Lorry), at this time the nearest shoe might be flying your way if you are too far away to be hand hit… “I need some money, want to buy new clothes”… “I’ll give you some money tomorrow, and extra for you to buy shoes, but make sure you don’t tell your father”… She is like that, my mother, strict, yet adorably loving, quick to reprimand, but even quicker to shower you with love. That’s the woman I know.

Me (5pm):” Mum, I’m coming home with 5 friends after lectures, we’ll be there in 10mins, is there food?”, Ibk (11pm): “Iya, I have been studying all day and I am hungry, I have 3 friends with me, can you bring me some food in school?”, Ireti (2pm): “Maama, ebi n pa mi o, ki ni owa nile?”, Dad (12noon): “Dear, some visitors just called me, they’ll be here in 15mins, is there anything prepared for refreshments?”… We all get similar answers, “Pele omo mi, ounje wa”, “Yes dear, I will prepare something for them immediately”… That’s the woman I know.

The woman I know, ever ready to help, taking up responsibility for the feeding and education of many people at the school of the handicap, a Woman with so much Love for God she takes time out of her busy schedule to be involved in Christian dramas and many other evangelistic activities. Through her, I have come to have many brothers and sisters, many of whom automatically became her children, because she put herself in the position of a mother, I particular remember Jewel Eni, this pretty & cute niece of mine whom I call my sweetheart, when she was a few months old, her mum (one of my new sisters) had to travel, and brought the kid to my mum, I remember my mum taking this girl everywhere she went, staying up all night when this girl fell ill, I remember driving them to the hospital and staying there till well over midnight to see a doctor, and she did all this with a smile, never expecting anything back. That is the woman I know.

“Have you called baba Tope?”, “No”, “Make sure you call him, it’s a kid that should call an adult when they have misunderstandings”… 2 weeks later… “You still haven’t called baba Tope?”, “Mum, I have no reason to call him” “Well, I think you should call him, I believe the two of you just don’t understand each other”… That’s the woman I know, loves her siblings so much she would never admit they are wrong, even when she knows they are she would come up with some sort of excuse for them, always ready to do anything for them, and including them in her prayers every night.

Its 6am, I am just getting out of bed, and she is gone, gone to work, comes back at 2pm, and by 3pm is on her way out, “where are you going mum?”, “I am going to see Iya Ayo” or “I am going to see Iya Afolayan”, or Toyin, or Ayobami, all these many people, that she held so dear to her, and she took as one of her own, these people that have become a part of me too, and have become family.
The woman I know… is loved by all, a true model of a mother, what more could I ask for in a mother… nothing more. The woman who lovingly, sacrificially, and strictly raised her children, today, she can beat her chest and say she did well, today she can look upon us and smile, knowing God has blessed her hard work. Mrs Elizabeth Kehinde Adebayo, May God bless you and may you live long to eat the fruits of your labor.

Do you think I’m through.. If you have read this far, then you know a little about the woman I know.. but I could go on for ages and can’t write everything in one piece, so, stay tuned… there’s still more to come, about this woman I know and I love soooo much.

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Rita said...

Mothers are indeed wonderful. This post really brought sweet memories to me.

God bless you for appreciating your Mother.